Cheap Cable TV Service

TV companies do not want you to know that they are required to offer cheap cable TV services. They are required by the FCC to offer a basic package at a very low price. You can spend quite a bit of money on a new digital system, or pay for channels you don’t need. If you follow these simple steps you will find the cheapest cable TV available.

It is important to know that you have the right to cheap cable TV. Companies are required by the FCC to supply basic cable at a very cheap price. You will find the cheapest cable TV if you live in a very populated area. You will not receive any “premium” channels, but you will have access to all of your local channels and of course any “public television” channels in your area.

You will need to call your local cable company directly to find out any information about their cheap cable TV service. Don’t waste your time looking online for this basic service; cable companies are not required to advertise these prices. The cable companies do not make any profit from supplying the cheapest cable TV service or package.

When it comes to ordering your services, be persistent about the package you want. The operator is going to try to sell you a more expensive package. Just insist that you want the basic package and you are not interested in any other packages or services they offering. They cannot deny you service just because you want the cheapest cable TV package they offer.

There is usually a one-time installation fee that is standard with any type of cable service. After the installation fee, you will have some of the cheapest cable TV that is offered. Just remember that this type of service only offers the basic channels, so channels like SyFy, the History Channel, FX, the Health Channel, National Geographic, and other major channels will likely not be included in your package.  If you do not watch much television, or are just not home much, then this basic package will be the perfect package for you.

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